On “getting back to normal” after 9-11-2001

Was just talking to Chelsa and her mom about what it was like in NYC after 9-11, specifically about when things starting getting back to normal…. even more specifically, when sports and late-night TV were back up and running.  In my head I remembered it being SNL that came back first, but I did a little big of digging and it was actually Letterman who returned first..

Letterman - Monday 9/17 (monologue <- watch this)

MLB Baseball - Tuesday 9/18

NFL Football - Sunday 9/23

SNL - Saturday 9/29 (opening monologue w/ Loren Michaels and Rudy Giuliani and Paul Simon playing as FDNY watched on <- also worth watching btw ) 

I went back to MA to hang out with mom + dad after about a week of being in the city after 9-11.  My Dad had tix to the Red Sox and the Pats that year so I was lucky enough to be at the first-games-back for both teams (some pics).  

At that Rex Sox game (vs Tampa Bay) I sat in the bleachers with some friends from high school.  Going to the game was an attempt to get back to some sense of normalcy.  In the seventh inning, instead of stopping to sing “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” or “DIrty Water” (that Boston song), everything at Fenway stopped to sing Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” .  

I remember us all being like “this is never going to work”… because it’s Boston and Boston hates New York and the Red Sox hate the Yankees.  And as stupid as this sounds after 10 years of hindsight, I think everyone in the stadium had those “this is an amazing moment” butterflies in their stomach during those few minutes.

… and then at the end, after all of Fenway sang a song honoring New York, and there were those two seconds of silence/reflection/whatever, some guy in the bleachers yells “YANKEES STILL SUCK!" and we all laughed and then it felt like things were kind of normal again.

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