I’m running the NYC Marathon tomorrow!

How to find me:

#1.  Look for me!  I’ll be wearing a black shirt, rocking #31101.  I should be running 9 min miles starting around 10:15.  I wrote my name on my shirt.  :)

#2.  Stalk me!  I’ll be using RunKeeper to broadcast my location in real time.  For reals, you can watch me run the race via a moving dot on Google Maps (!!).  Take a look here: 


…  the NYC Marathon folks also have a bunch of tools you can use for tracking me (text alerts, website, iPhone app) if you want to try them out (remmeber, #31101)

#3.  The usual!  I have my foursquare set up to auto checkin as I pass all 26 mile markers. If you’re following me on foursquare you’ll get my ping, if you following me on Twitter you’ll see my checkins as tweets, and if we’re friends on Facebook you’ll see them on my wall.  WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!

#4.  After party!  Who knows what time I’ll be done, but I hear there’s a Camp Interactive after party at Destination Bar on 13th and A (er, at 4pm?  I have no idea!)

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the support (esp with fundraising!  You guys are all awesome!).  Looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can spot tomorrow! 


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